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#freekeh salad with cherries + mint + cashew nuts

#freekeh salad with cherries + mint + cashew nuts

Freekeh SaladFreekeh is young green wheat that has been toasted and cracked. It is utterly delicious with an earthy, nutty flavour – and has a fantastic bite to it. This salad is salty and sweet with a lovely sweet and sour dressing. You can replace the pomegranate syrup with pomegranate molasses. The fresh cherries are divine with the dish, but figs will also do the thing.

Greenwheat Freekeh can be ordered online at and is available nationwide at various Spars, delis and branches of the Wellness Warehouse.

Freekeh salad with cherries, mint and cashew nuts

200 g freekeh, cooked in salt water as per the packet instruction
2 spring onions, chopped
handful of flat leaf parsley, chopped
handful of mint, chopped
15 fresh cherries, pitted and quartered
60 ml cashew nuts
Salad dressing
60 ml olive oil
60 ml pomegranate syrup
30 ml grape vinegar
black pepper

Combine all the salad ingredients in a salad bowl. Mix the salad dressing ingredients together and add a pinch of salt and pepper. Dress the salad and tuck in.

prawn + chicken skewers on the #braai – #ShareTheOriginal

prawn + chicken skewers on the #braai – #ShareTheOriginal

Chicken and Prawn Skewers

To celebrate a 100 years’ of Sedgwick’s Old Brown, I made summery prawn and chicken skewers – marinated overnight in a Sedgwick’s marinade. It was a delightful combo of flavours with the sweet marinade giving the skewered chicken and prawn a deep and enchanting taste. I also made a crunchy salad with a lovely dressing. The result… a perfectly, light yet satisfying summer lunch. Scrumptious, healthy and just irresistibly delicious.

The Original Sedgwick’s Old Brown has been part of the South African history and culture for a 100 years now. No, it’s not a ‘60’s thing or a 70’s thing… it is not something that just your folks used to enjoy. Ask your grandparents…I bet they will be able to tell you a Sedgwick’s story or two…and such stories go back generations to 1916. At that time World War I was going on; the light switch was invented and Albert Einstein completed his formulation of a general theory of relativity. Since 1916, The Original Sedgwick’s Old Brown has become part of our heritage.


In my student days, come June every year, we made the trek to the Grahamstown Festival. And those who know the Eastern Cape … well June is freezing cold. We used to stay in tents on the outskirts of the town, in the evenings we huddled around the fire, old faithful Sedgwick’s kept the conversation going – and kept us warm at night. I remember the many hours we sat around the fire mesmerized by Johannes Kerkorrel en die Gereformeerde Blues Band and Johnny Clegg. We also could not stop talking about the talent of Paul Slabolepszy and Andrew Buckland. More often than not, the length and depth of those conversations, depended largely on how many bottles of Sedgwick’s we had… 🙂 Those were the days.

Sedgwick's Old Brown
Prawn and chicken skewers on the braai
Serves 6
18 prawns
500 g chicken, big chunks
100 ml Sedgwick’s Old Brown
60 ml red wine vinegar
5 ml salt
1 garlic, grated
45 ml coriander, chopped
juice and grated peel of ½ lemon
2 pinches smoked paprika (optional – I just love the smokey flavour)
5 ml chilli flakes (optional – I also love a bit of a bite)
salt and pepper

Mix all the ingredients for the marinade together and marinade the prawns and chicken for at least 4 hours. I left mine to marinade overnight. Thread chicken and prawns onto skewers (soak wooden skewers in water first to prevent scorching on a braai or grill), leaving a small gap between each piece for even cooking. Season with salt and pepper. Braai for about 10 minutes or until chicken is cooked through and the prawns have turned bright pink.

Crunchy vegetable salad

Serves 6
500 ml cabbage, sliced
2 large carrots, grated
200 g green beans, thinly sliced
200 g baby corn, thinly sliced
100 g unsalted cashews, crushed
2 spring onions, chopped diagonally
a large handful coriander, chopped
Salad dressing
30 ml sugar
30 ml Sedgwick’s Old Brown
45 ml vinegar
15 ml sesame oil
30 ml sunflower oil
15 ml soy sauce
1 red chilli, chopped

Chop and grate all the fresh ingredients. Mix all the salad dressing ingredients well. Mix everything together.

#soetkoekies with festive butterscotch windows

#soetkoekies with festive butterscotch windows

Outydse soetkoekies with butterscotch windows

How festive and lovely are these old fashioned soetkoekies? To make these I used my old soetkoekie recipe and added these fun Christmas butterscotch windows. The little windows aren’t just pretty but it gives the overall cookie an extra crunchy texture and delicious caramel flavour. The comforting aromas of cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg brings back such happy memories of my grandmother’s farmhouse kitchen. Happy baking!

They also make a perfect Christmas gift

They also make a perfect Christmas gift

Soetkoekies with festive caramel windows
Recipe makes 45 cookies
4 x (250ml) cake flour
1 ½ cup (375ml) castor sugar
1 tsp (5ml) ground cinnamon
1tsp (5ml) ground ginger
1tsp (5ml) ground cloves
½ tsp (2.5ml) nutmeg
½ tsp (2.5ml) salt
1 cup (250ml) butter, room temperature
¼ cup (60ml) cooking butter, melted
1 tsp (5ml) bicarbonate soda
5 Tbsp (75 ml) luke warm water
1 egg, beaten
15 butterscotch sweets

Sift the flour, salt and spices together. Add the sugar. Rub in the butter until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Dissolve the bicarbonate soda in the water and add to the beaten egg. Add the egg mixture to the flour mixture to make a dough. Knead until thoroughly mixed. Divide dough into two, then wrap in cling wrap and chill for at least two hours or overnight. Preheat the oven to 190°C. Roll out the dough (take out of fridge 5 minutes prior rolling out) on a lightly floured surface to a thickness of 5 mm and cut out circles. Use small Christmas motif cutters to cut shapes out of the centre of the circle cookies. (You can re-roll any extra dough to make more cookies). Put the dough circles on a lined baking tray. Using a pestle and mortar, crush the butterscotch sweets into a course powder, then fill the holes with the crushed sweets. Bake the cookies for 15-20 minutes until the edges have just browned. If you see there is little holes in the window just add a bit more butterscotch and pop back in the oven for another minute or two. Leave to cool on the tray for 5 minutes before transferring to a cooling rack to cool down completely.

trendy + sexy + healthy #potato #salad?

trendy + sexy + healthy #potato #salad?

Potato SaladOne of the biggest food trends over the past few year or so is ‘burnt’ or ‘ash’ food. Yep, you heard right. These terms are given to food that has been cooked on ash – or with ash (i.e. ash butter) and has sometimes a burnt or charred exterior. With this dish, I baked my potatoes first, then I flash burnt them over hot coals. A mixture of cottage cheese, lemon juice and fresh herbs gives this potato salad an austere and rather aristocratic look and flavour.

Flash braaied potato salad with fresh herbs
5 large potatoes
250 g fat free cottage cheese
30 ml chopped parsley
15 ml chopped dill
15 ml chopped basil
15 ml fresh lemon juice
extra virgin olive oil
black pepper

Preheat oven to 180°C. Bake potatoes for an hour until cooked. On very hot coals flash burn the whole potatoes. Let the potatoes rest directly on the coals – turning occasionally. Mix the cottage cheese, parsley, dill, basil and lemon juice together and paint on a wooden board. Once the potatoes have cooled cut into chunks and place these on top of cottage cheese. Season with salt and pepper… and a splash of olive oil.

#cremora tart trifle

#cremora tart trifle


This ladies and gentlemen, is one of those spur of the moment creations. I combined the old faithful trifle with another old faithful – Cremora tart. Everyone loves both, I thought…so why not combine them? It is utterly delicious and you have to give it a try this Christmas.

Cremora tart trifle
Serves 8-10
1 packet strawberry jelly
250g Cremora
250 ml ice-cold water
1 tin condensed milk
180 ml lemon juice
1 Swiss roll
150 ml sherry
500 ml thick custard
200 g strawberries
15 fresh cherries

Prepare the jelly as per the instructions on the packet and allow this to set. Place the Cremora in a bowl and add the ice water. Whisk this well then add the condensed milk and continue to whisk until smooth. Add the lemon juice – just a little bit at a time until all the juice has been mixed in and the mixture has thickened. Place the bowl in a refrigerator for 30 minutes. Cut the Swiss roll into thin slices and layer this in a pudding bowl. Sprinkle with sherry. Spoon half of the Cremora tart mixture over this. Then pack another layer of cake and sprinkle with some more sherry. Add sliced strawberries on top of the cake. Spoon the custard over. Add a last layer of cake and sprinkle with sherry. Now scoop the remaining Cremora tart mixture over. Loosen the jelly with a spoon and spread this over the top of your trifle. Finish with fresh cherries.



Wie van julle onthou paddaeiers of padda-ogies? Daardie heerlik soet vla met deurskynende vanilla sago-pêreltjies wat lyk soos klein paddaeiertjies of soos ‘n stringetjie pêrels wat in die melk gebreek het. Wanneer jy die klewerige balletjies proe en die suur streepseltjie appelkooskonfyt jou tong kielie kan die wêreld mos maar vergaan. Of wat sê ek nou? Dit maak jou hart en maag warm, en as ma my nou nog vra wat ek vir ‘n soet dingetjie wil hê, sê ek sommer baie vinnig: “Sagopoeding, Ma.”


Ma Babs maak al jare my Tannie Miena van Harrismith se sagopoeding. Ta Miena het ‘n romerige mengsel van sago, melk, suiker, eier en vanilla gemaak; die eierwitte styf geklop en dit dan met groot slae ingevou om ‘n wolk-lig sagopoeding te vorm. Sy het dit dan ‘n groot emalje skottel gegooi en met oranje poeletjies appelkooskonfyt afgerond. Ai ja jai, dit is mos nou koningskos.

Sagopoeding van 1909
Sagopoeding kom van ver af en in 1909 is die volgende resep in Oranje, Kook-, Koek- en Recepten-Boek voor Zuid Afrika neergepen: “ ½ bottel melk, 3 eetlepels suiker, 3 eetlepels sago, de schil van ½ lemoen, 4 eiers, 1 ½ lepel boter, weinig noot; zet de melk en lemoenschil op de vuur tot de melk naar de schil smaakt. Haal die schil uit, doe de sago en suiker in en kook 15 minuten stadig, laat afkoelen en doe de eiers en boter bij, roer goed. Bak ½ uur.” As jy 1909 se sagopoeding wil maak: ‘n bottel is 750ml, weinig noot beteken ‘n knippie neutmuskaat en doe beteken voeg by.

Sagopoeding van die Ooste

In Gua Musang in Maleisië het ek die rare soet oosterse parfuum van Pandanblare ontdek toe ek my eerste happie Sago Gula Melaka proe. Die sago was in water sag gekook en bedien met ‘n stropie van palmsuiker en kokosneutmelk wat met Pandanblare gegeur is. Vreemd, heerlik en Oosters. Pandanblare het ‘n unieke smaak en word volop in die Maleisiese kookkuns gebruik, maar is ongelukkig nie in Suid-Afrika beskikbaar nie. Google het my toe heeltemal van die wal in die sloot gehelp (hoekom leer ek nooit nie!), want toe ek die Pandanblare met lourierblare en toe weer ‘n volgende keer met tarragon vervang was die poedings totaal en alle mislukkings.

Sago met kokosneutmelk en koejawels

Ek het tog bly speel met die kokosneutmelk en het toe uiteindelik ‘n wenresep ontwikkel. Ek het sago in kokosneutmelk en vanilla saadjies sag gekook en met verlydelike soet koejawels bedien. Die keer moet ek erken was dit ‘n reuse sukses. Tot my Ier sê dit is een van lekkerste kombinasies wat hy nog geproe het. En, as die Ier so sê dan is dit so.

Tannie Miena se sagopoeding
My gunsteling sagopoeding bly maar my Ta Miena se sagopoeding. Dit kom met pragtige herinneringe, maar haar reseppie kry ‘n ongesonde hoeveelheid suiker in – een koppie suiker op drie koppies melk. Nee genade mense, dit was darem te erg! Ek het die suiker toe met die helfte verminder en het ook vars vanilla saadjies bygevoeg. Die appelkooskonfyt het ek in die mikrogolf gesmelt om ‘n heerlike stropie te vorm.
Ek is lief vir enige sagopoeding, of die eierwitte ingevou of as ‘n meringue bo-op gebak word, of dit uit die Ooste in die vorm van Sago Gula Melaka of uit my Ta Miena se plaaskombuis kom – vir my bly dit nog steeds die mooiste en lekkerste stringetjie pêrels wat in ‘n melkweg los gebreek het.

Wat is Sago?
Sago is ‘n stysel wat uit die middel van sagopalm se stam gehaal word. Dit word dan verwerk in klein ronde korrels wat ons as sago ken. Jy kan tapioka as plaasvervanger vir sago gebruik.

Geurmiddels vir sagopoeding
Amandelgeurmiddel, kaneelstokkies, lemoenskil, neutmuskaat, suurlemoenskil, vanilla saadjies of geurmiddel

Wenke om sagopoeding te maak
-Gebruik ‘n swaarboompot. Dit help dat die sago nie vasbrand nie.
-Bring die sago stadig tot by kookpunt. Moet nie haastig wees nie, dit sal brand.
-Roer aanhoudend.
-Maak ‘n dubbele hoeveelheid. Daar is nooit genoeg sagopoeding op die tafel nie.

Sagopoeding met appelkooskonfytstroop
Bedien 4-6
750 ml volroom melk
½ teelepel sout
9 eetlepels sago, vir 15 minute in water geweek en gedreineer
½ koppie wit suiker
saadjies van ½ vanilla-peul
3 eiers, geskei
½ teelepel vanilla-geursel
3 eetlepels appelkooskonfyt, vir 20 sekondes in mikrogolf gesmelt

Kook geweekte sago vir 15 minute in melk tot sag. Roer aanhoudend. Voeg suiker, sout en vanilla-saadjies by en bring weer tot kookpunt. Klits die eiergele en voeg vier eetlepels van die warm sago-melkmengsel by die eiergele en roer goed. Gooi nou die eiermengsel stadig by die orige sago-melkmengsel terwyl jy vinnig roer. Kook vir 3 minute. Voeg die vanilla essens by. Klits die eierwitte styf en vou by die sagomengsel in. Bedien met appelkooskonfytstroop.

Kokosneutsago met vanilla-koejawels
Bedien 4
400 ml kokosneutmelk
5 eetlepels sago, vir 15 minute in water geweek en gedreineer
3 eetlepels wit suiker
saadjies van ½ vanilla-peul
¼ teelepel sout
blik ingelegde koejawels (420 gram)
3 eetlepels demerara suiker – sagte donkerbruin suiker
¼ teelepel vanilla-geursel

Kook geweekte sago vir 15 minute in kokosneutmelk tot sag. Roer aanhoudend. Voeg suiker, sout en vanilla saadjies by en bring weer tot kookpunt. Kook vir 2 minute en haal van stoof af. Gooi die sous van die koejawels in ‘n potjie, voeg die suiker en vanilla essens by. Kook oop vir 5-8 minute tot ‘n stroop. Sit die koejawels by die stroop en verwarm deur. Gooi sago in bakkies en bedien met ‘n lekseltjie stroop en warm koejawels.

three ingredient #banana crumpets with #rum ganache

three ingredient #banana crumpets with #rum ganache

three ingredient banana crumpets

I came across this three ingredient banana crumpet recipe the other day and just had to try it. It so easy – you take two ripe bananas, mash them using the back of the fork, then you add two eggs and 2.5ml of baking powder. The recipe has no flour in it so you have to fry them over low-medium heat in a non-stick pan and turn them very carefully. They also do not have the height of a normal crumpet but let me tell you there is nothing wrong with the taste! It is delicious. And what goes better with bananas than chocolate and rum? Well I decided to quickly make a chocolate & rum ganache and voila! The easiest and most delicious sweet dish I have made this year!

If you like, you can add some cinnamon for extra flavour.

three ingredient banana crumpets

Three ingredient banana crumpets with rum ganache
Makes 15 mini crumpets
2 large ripe bananas, 200g
2 large eggs
2.5 ml baking powder
Mash the banana in a bowl using a fork; add eggs, baking powder and mix the batter. Heat butter in a non-stick pan over low to medium heat. Spoon the batter into the hot butter and cook until bubbles form and the edges are dry, about 2 minutes. Turn very carefully and cook until browned on the other side, 2 minutes. Repeat with the remaining batter.

Rum ganache
75 ml cream
100 g dark chocolate, broken into pieces
15 ml rum
Place chocolate in a medium bowl; set aside. Place cream in a small pot over medium heat and bring to a simmer. Pour the chocolate into the bowl and let stand until chocolate has softened, about 3 minutes. Stir until the ganache has a smooth and silky texture. Lastly, add the rum.

blue cheese cheesecake with blueberry + port compote

blue cheese cheesecake with blueberry + port compote

If blue cheese is your thing then this stunning cheesecake is definitely something for you! The phyllo pastry is buttery, light, golden and crispy and it is filled with chunks of Président’s creamy blue cheese and their spring onion and chives medium fat cream cheese. When I mention the word Président, I am not referring to JZ…but to the well-known cheese producer, Simonsberg that has been rebranded to Président. The cheeses will still be made locally in the Cape and the taste, quality and price of the products will remain exactly the same.

blue cheese cheesecake

The filling
The base of this delicious treat is made from ricotta and eggs. To season this bake, I added basil (an Ottolenghi inspiration) and some extra freshly sliced spring onion. Do not try to replace the ricotta mix with a cream and eggs – I have tried this and to my frustration it was a complete flop. If you bake it in a quiche tin, then the cream and egg mixture would be fine but I wanted the cheesecake to keep the beautiful shape of the Bundt pan. I also opted to use big chunks of the blue cheese to allow the yummy earthy flavour to come through.

blue cheese cheesecake


Serve with …
Serve it for brunch, a light supper or as a first course at a dinner party … and of course with a glass of your favourite glass of cold wine. We had it for lunch with a crisp, fresh salad, blue berry compote and fresh blueberries.

Blue berries and blue cheese?
Blue berries have a sharpness that makes them especially good when pairing with blue cheese. A chef in West Vancouver, Canada, Warren Gerghty serves a blue cheese cheesecake on top of brioche and with blue berries simmered in brown sugar and vanilla. My heart! My taste buds said no to the vanilla but a big yes to a dash of our sweet South African port. If you don’t have port you can substitute it with medium dry sherry.

You can assemble this dish up to 24 hours ahead and store it in the refrigerator until you are ready to bake. You may need to add a few minutes onto the baking time, so watch it closely toward the end. Serve the same day.

blue cheese cheesecake

Don’t think about baking the dish the day before and then to warm it up for your friends the next day. Please! No, no, no. All the crispness is gone the next day and it also tastes drier. So rather assemble it the previous day and Bake it about two hours before your friends arrive. It needs to cool for a full two hours in the Bundt pan.

blue cheese cheesecake

blue cheese cheese cake

Blue cheese cheesecake with blueberry and port compote
6 phyllo pastry sheets
8 cup Bundt pan
butter, for greasing the pan
300 g Président creamy blue cheese, torn into chunks
100 g Président spring onion and chives medium fat cream cheese
650 g ricotta cheese
3 large eggs, lightly beaten
2 garlic cloves, grated
1 spring onion, finely sliced
10 g basil (one big handful), chopped
2.5 ml salt
2.5 ml black pepper
75 g butter, melted

Heat the oven to 190 °C. In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients except the melted butter. Grease an eight-cup Bundt pan generously with some butter. Drape two sheets of phyllo on top of Bundt pan, poke a hole into the phyllo where centre tube is and push phyllo into pan to line it. Do this with two more sheets placed perpendicular to the first two sheets. Add the last phyllo sheets in this crisscross manner. Edges of phyllo should hang over the edges of the pan. Mix all the other ingredients together except the melted butter. Spoon the ricotta cheese mixture into the pan. Fold edges of the phyllo pastry over the filling. Using a sharp knife, poke about 10 holes in the dough so that it reaches all the way to bottom of pan. Slowly pour the melted butter over the cheesecake; some butter will seep through holes and some will remain on top of dough. Bake for 1 hour 30 minutes, or until cheesecake is puffy and golden brown. Allow to cool in the pan for 2 hours before inverting onto a wire rack and slicing. Serve warm with a spring salad and fresh blueberries or with blueberry compote.

Blueberry compote
150 g blueberries
10 g sugar
50 ml port

Simmer all ingredients over low heat for 10 minutes. Set aside to cool.

easy #asparagus salad with parmesan cheese

easy #asparagus salad with parmesan cheese

Asparagus salad with parmesan
Cooking the asparagus
Just the other day I bought my first bunch of spring asparagus and quickly put together an asparagus salad. I never boil or steam very thin asparagus. If they are fresh and thin, I simply pour boiling water over the bunch and allow it stand for five to ten minutes. If you have large asparagus boil of steam them until soft. I then immediately plunge these beauties into an ice bath – the result: beautiful, bright, fresh green asparagus – with a scrumptious bite.

Making the salad
Scatter the asparagus on a wooden board and sprinkle with the best olive oil, some fresh lemon juice, roasted seeds and nuts… and to top it off,add finely grate Parmesan cheese. Season with Maldon salt and a few pinches of black pepper. And there you have it… a mouth-watering, seasonal spring salad for the soul.

How to keep your asparagus fresh
Trim the ends if necessary. Fill a jar with a bit of water. Store the asparagus upright in the container. Change the water when it gets cloudy.

Asparagus - keep fresh

#strawberry salad – my favourite flavour combination of 2016

#strawberry salad – my favourite flavour combination of 2016

Strawberry Salad

Strawberries are in season…and at the moment they are at their sweetest and most delicious. I was reading the other day about the “not so well known” strawberry combinations and came across nectarines, black pepper and almonds. I decided to make a strawberry carpaccio with feta + naartjie + almonds + black pepper. It is quick, simple and definitely my favourite flavour combination of 2016

The salad
Slice a few strawberries, sprinkle with small pieces of feta, a few almonds, scatter a couple of naartjie segments and sprinkle with course black pepper. For the final touch, I added fresh mint leaves. You will not need a salad dressing – the juiciness of the strawberries and the juice of the naartjie is a built-in ‘salad dressing’.

It’s so simple but the salt and sweet …and then that pepper tang is a perfect combination and a perfect lunch – to be washed down with a glass of bubbly of course. What better way to celebrate Spring?

Strawberries- Anel Potgieter

Strawberry Festival at the Stellenbosch Slow Market
This Saturday strawberry season will officially be celebrated at the Stellenbosch Slow Market. Visitors can expect strawberry cocktails from Dr. Juice, strawberry tea and even strawberry bread from Fine Pastries. Native Chocolates will provide strawberry chocolate delights, and everyone should try the strawberry burgers from Flamed. And of course there will be strawberry fudge, strawberry sushi and even strawberry liqueur from Kaapse Liqueur. Ollie’s Sausages, who never disappoints with a variety of sausages of all types, will also be selling a uniquely created strawberry sausage.

See you there.

my coconut #cake on a retro light fitting

my coconut #cake on a retro light fitting

White Coconut Cake
I recently received a brief from a client to make a white cake for a birthday celebration. She wanted a vanilla sponge; the cake had to be white; on a different cake stand (so not a normal cake stand) and she wanted one white candle in the cake. We trawled through Pinterest together and we found a white coconut decorated cake. This was the easy part.
Coconut Cake
All you need is two layers (cut each in two so you have four layers) of vanilla sponge cake and a big batch of vanilla icing. For the outside you only need coconut flakes. So first ice the cake and then with you hands … just gently push the coconut onto the cake. That’s it.

The cake stand proved to be the biggest problem. What did my client mean by ‘something different’? Well, I went to a few second-hand shops and eventually I found this retro thick glass light fitting. Yes, a light fitting off all things! It worked perfect with the cake… so dreamy and beautiful. I loved it and so did she.

Coconut Cake

the président of cheeses

the président of cheeses

The other day I received a basket full of cheesy delights accompanied with a very clever name tag: Anél Potgieter for Président. You see Simonsberg cheeses will officially be adopting the Président branding but rest assured, it is only the name that is changing – you can still enjoy the same great taste and quality of the products you have come to rely on over the years to make your favourite dishes.

President Cheese

I immediately grabbed some ProVitas and topped it with the Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese – delicious!
Version 2
The Creamy Blue Cheese is so tangy and strong and worked brilliantly with my glass of whiskey. Yes, I love a good scotch and a good blue cheese and these two are in my eyes a perfect pairing. 🙂

I grated some Mature Cheddar and added that to a beef broth. It melted in the broth and gave it an extra layer of flavour and texture. And what is better than melted cheese?

The camembert is still lying in my fridge, but Président sent me a recipe card for baked camembert with caramelised walnuts. It is on my to do list – I took a pic with my cellphone to share with you.
Have a great cheesy week everyone.

#braai die perfekte #steak met die 3-3-3-formule – #braaidag

#braai die perfekte #steak met die 3-3-3-formule – #braaidag

Steak met brandewynpepersous - Foto Michelle Lategan

Steak met brandewynpepersous – Foto Michelle Lategan

Komende Saterdag is Nasionale Braaidag. Hoera! Nie dat my Ier enige aanmoediging nodig het om te braai nie, want hy sê mos: ”Friday is braai day. Saturday is braai day and Sunday is braai day too.” En as hy in die week ‘n kansie kry steek hy, tot my ergernis, weer die vure aan. Maar my liewe man kan nou maar net nie ‘n steak ordentlik braai nie. Óf hy maak dit te gaar óf hy probeer dit ná 10 biere oor koue kole braai. Mansmense tog!

Hoe om die perfekte steak te braai
Ek het verlede week een van Hussar Grill se steakmeesterklasse bygewoon en Sjef Greg Bax het ons touwys gemaak: “Maak seker dat die steaks kamertemperatuur is en nie direk uit die yskas gebruik word nie. Jou kole moet baie warm wees (gloeiend) en die skoon rooster moet liggies met sonneblomolie of olyfolie gesmeer word sodat jy die steaks maklik kan omdraai. Verf jou steaks ook liggies met olie en geur met jou gunsteling speserye. Ek verkies sommer net sout en peper. Gebruik ‘n tang (nooit ‘n vurk nie) om jou steaks om te draai. Die steaks moet toegelaat word om vir ten minste drie tot vyf minute te rus.”

As jy dit op ‘n gietysterriffelpan wil gaarmaak moet jy die pan rookwarm maak (ons panne het die aand vir ten minste 5 minute op ‘n groot gasvlam gestaan) en geen olie op die pan smeer nie. Onthou jy moet die steak met olie verf nie die pan nie.

Sjef Greg Bax van Hussar Grill: Foto Michelle Lategan

Sjef Greg Bax van Hussar Grill: Foto Michelle Lategan

Die 3-3-3 formule vir ‘n perfekte medium-rou steak
Gregg het ons geleer om die 3-3-3 formule te gebruik om ‘n perfekte medium-rou steak gaar te maak. “Braai een minuut aan elke kant vir elke een cm dikte. So, as die steak 3 cm dik is braai jy dit drie minute aan die een kant, drie minute aan die ander kant en laat dit vir so drie minute rus. Moet nie aan die steak andersins karring nie. Die totale braaityd is dus ses minute.” Dit is dit! Hou jou selfoontydhouer byderhand, moet dit nie ‘n sekonde meer of minder braai nie en ek belowe jou dat jy die mees perfekste medium-rou steak gaan braai. Hoor ek ‘n hiep-hiep?
Foto: Michelle Lategan

Foto: Michelle Lategan

Maklike stokmenger Béarnaise-sous
Béarnaise was nog altyd vir my ‘n nagmerrie om te maak, want dit skif gewoonlik. Maar met die onfeilbare stokmenger-metode sal ek dit nooit weer oor ‘n dubbelkoker probeer maak nie. Gooi die dragon-asyn saam met jou eiergele in die stokmengerhouer en terwyl jy dit oor medium spoed blits, gooi jy die gesmelte botter baie stadig by. So maklik soos dit!

Die perfekte wyn saam met jou steak
Die aand by Silwood het Ernst Gouws ons bederf met sy wyne. Een van my gunstelinge van die aand was die die Ernst Gouws & Co Merlot 2014. Soos hulle self sê: “A savoury masterpiece. A richly-satisfying mouthful of dark plums and stewed fruit, this Merlot is full of earthy flavours with dark chocolate hints, savoury dried meat and plenty of spicy highlights.” Heerlik! Ja, ek dink ek het bietjie te veel van die masterpiece agter die blad gehad want ek het die volgende dag maar bietjie gesukkel. Maar dit was die moeite werd.

Wynmaker Ernst Gouws

Wynmaker Ernst Gouws

Hussar Gril se steakmeesterklasse R450/kop
Ek wil almal aanbeveel om dié meesterklasse by te woon. Dit is groot pret, jy gaan baie leer, lekker steak eet en ook heerlik weglê aan Ernst Gouws & Co se wyne. Vir besprekings kontak Silwood Cooking School by 0216864894 of

Steak met Béarnaise-sous - Foto Michelle Lategan

Steak met Béarnaise-sous – Foto Michelle Lategan

Maklike stokmenger Béarnaise-sous
Genoeg vir 4
20 ml witasyn
20 ml water
4 ml gekapte vars dragon of ‘n groot knypie gedroogde dragon (tarragon)
1 ml sout
knypie peper
10 ml water
2 eiergele
190 g botter, gesmelt
rooipeper (na smaak)
suurlemoen (na smaak)

Gooi die asyn, water, dragon, sout en peper in ‘n potjie en verminder oor lae hitte tot 10 ml.
Verwyder van die hitte en voeg 10 ml water by. Voeg saam met eiergele in ‘n mengbak en verwerk teen medium spoed met stokmenger (stick blender) tot dik en romerig. Voeg nou die botter baie stadig bietjies vir bietjies in ‘n klein stroompie by en verwerk goed na elke byvoeging. Wanneer al die botter bygevoeg is, geur met rooipeper en suurlemoensap. As dit te dik is meng ‘n bietjie warmwater by. Bedien teen kamertemperatuur.

Die lekkerste brandewynpepersous
Genoeg vir 4
50 g botter
10 ml gemaalde swartpeper
15 ml sagte donkerbruin suiker (treacle)
30 ml brandewyn
65 ml port
150 ml beesvleis ekstrak
160 ml room
Knypie sout

Smelt die botter, voeg die suiker by en kook tot die botter verbruin het. Gooi die swartpeper by en braai dit verder vir so twee minute. Voeg die brandewyn by en flambé. Verwyder van die hitte totdat die vlam dood is. Voeg die port by en prut tot die alkohol verdamp het. Gooi die beesvleisekstrak by en verminder tot ¾. Gooi die room by en verminder tot dit verdik het. Geur met sout.

early christmas with #woolworths

early christmas with #woolworths

christmas-box-800Christmas arrived early this year when Woolworths delivered a large box of beautifully packaged goodies to my doorstep. Lucky me! Inside this box was a whole host of festive goodies that will be on their shelves come Christmas time.
It’s all about nostalgia this year at Woolworths. I wanted to spread the love so I handed the gifts to loved ones around me:

Teas from around the world
This beautiful box of individually packed teas I gave to my mom. It has a mash strainer where you scoop your tea in and put the strainer in water to steep your favourite tea. I just have to say mom and I loved the java gunpowder flavour!

Lip tints
Don’t you just love these lip tints? They look like macaroons! I shared them with my friend Zola. They are easy to just stash in your bag and so damm cute to take out… and show the world.


Turkish Delight
My friend Karin was so lucky to get this. This is my favourite gift out of the whole box. Dont you just love the beautiful container?

Old tape recorder tin filled with milk chocolate coated toffees
My husband and I polished off the whole tin. The toffies were so delicious and we gobbled it up before we could press the stop button on the dummy cassette player!

Luxury Christmas crackers
My housekeeper Doreen was very happy to get her hands on these luxury Christmas crackers. Making the traditional addition to the festive Christmas table, they are fit for a feast.
Thank you Woollies!

beesvleis wellington met #biltong

beesvleis wellington met #biltong

Niks simboliseer ‘n meer luukse ete as ‘n propperse Britse Beesvleis Wellington nie. Man, daardie dik rooskleurige beesfilet wat toegevou word met ‘n lagie aardse sampioen-duxelle (sampioene wat tot ‘n pasta fyngemaak is), die soutige parmaham en dan die bros-bruin skilferkorsdeeg maak mos alles vir ‘n groot bederf. Een happie van die sappige vleis saam met ‘n lekseltjie rooiwyn jus maak my bene lammer as wat my Ier ooit sal kan. Eureka! Pa Coen wou natuurlik nooit sy lippe aan die Engelse storie sit nie, want die bitter van die Kakies het nog al die jare swaar op sy Boerehart gerus.

Die maak van tradisionele Beesvleis Wellington – die lang manier

Beesvleis Wellington is ‘n gereg wat met genoeg tyd, liefde en ‘n goeie bottel rooiwyn aangepak moet word. Span jou geliefde in om te help en saam-saam kan julle aan die Wellington én die bottel wyn werk. As julle alles nie haarfyn beplan en met presisie uitvoer nie, mors jy net ‘n peperduur stuk vleis op … so, gee dit jou alles. Ek het Gordon Ramsay se lang metode gebruik, maar het die resep wat vandag verkort.

Sampioen-duxelle: Om die tradisionele duxelle te maak moet die sampioene baie fyn gekap word en hier het my voedselverwerker sy kant gebring. Maak botter baie warm in ‘n pan en braai die sampioene op hoë hitte tot die pan 100% droog is. Dit vat ‘n tydjie, maar stop vir liefie ‘n houtlepel in die hand en maak seker hy roer dit gereeld. Die resultaat is die geurigste sampioenpasta. Laat koel goed af.

Seël van beesfilet:
Na ‘n teugie wyn geur die filet met sout en peper en braai dit in ‘n baie warm pan tot bruin en geseël. So 30 sekondes aan al die kante. Dit verseker dat die sappe binne bly en geur die vleis. Laat dit heeltemal afkoel en verf dan die hele stuk filet met mosterd van jou keuse. My Ier gebruik altyd sy gunsteling mosterd – Masterfoods se warm Engels mosterd.

Die filet-bed: Stop, jy moet nou nie dink jy moet manlief én die bottel rooiwyn bed toe sleep nie! En moet ook nie dink die filet-bed is te veel moeite om te maak nie (skink maar nog ‘n glas wyn, knyp jou oë toe en druk deur), want as jy dié stap volg kry jy ‘n perfek gevormde Wellington. Plaas ‘n lang stuk kleefplastiek op ‘n plat oppervlakte en lê die snye parmaham langs mekaar in ‘n ry daarop uit. Die dun stukkies vleis moet mekaar oorvleuel en dit moet so lank soos die lengte van die filet wees. Smeer die duxelle versigtig oor die hele parmaham-oppervlakte. Plaas nou die afgekoelde stuk vleis bo-op en rol die vleis baie styf toe met die kleefplastiek. Rol die kante van die kleefplastiek toe en maak die rol so styf as wat jy kan. Plaas dit in die yskas vir 30 minute. Pssst …nou het julle ‘n tydjie om gou weg te glip kamer toe…

Al moeg en uitasem? Byt vas. Gooi gou nog ‘n glasie wyn. Rol die skilferkorsdeeg effens dunner uit op ’n meelbestrooide oppervlakte en plaas die filet bo-op. Verf die kante van die deeg met water en vou mooi toe. Sny die orige stukke deeg af. Plaas die Wellington met die voukant na onder op ’n bakplaat.

Versiering en glans: Verf die hele besigheid nou met baie eiergeel. Plaas dit terug in die yskas vir sowat 15 minute sodat die deeg kan rus. Teen dié tyd moet die bottel al amper op wees. Om die Wellington nog mooier te laat lyk, sny een lang keep (moet nie heeltemal deur die deeg sny nie – trek net jou mespunt oor die deeg) in die middel af en dan snye kante toe – so 1 cm uitmekaar. Die einde is nou in sig! Vat jou verfkwas en gee vir Wellington ‘n laaste eiergeellagie. Strooi nou ‘n goeie hoeveelheid Maldon sout oor en uiteindelik is meneer reg vir die oond.

Baktyd: Bak vir 20 minute in ‘n voorverhitte oond teen 200 °C. Draai die hitte af na 180 °C en bak nog 15-20 minute tot die kors bruin is.

Bottel nommer twee is natuurlik nou al oop. Moet nie haastig wees en die Wellington onmiddellik sny nie. Laat rus vir ten minste 10-15 minute voordat jy dit sny.

My Boere Beesvleis Wellington
Kyk, ‘n mens sukkel nie sommer met ‘n klassieke resep soos dié nie, maar om Pa Coen daar bo tevrede te hou het ek besluit om dit bietjie aan te pas en die helfte van die sampioene met fyn biltong te vervang. Gesondheid Coena ek drink ʼn glasie rooiwyn op jou! Die biltong is spesiaal vir jou Boerehart.
Beesvleis Wellington met biltong
Die kortpad manier
Genoeg vir 4
30 ml botter
300 g sampioene, fyn gekap
1 knoffelhuisie, fyn gekap
blaartjies van 1 tiemietakkie
200 g biltong, fyn
750 g beesfilet
30 ml mosterd van jou keuse
8 snye parmaham
500 g skilferkorsdeeg
2 eiergele, geklits
Maldon Sout

Braai die sampioene, knoffel en tiemie in die botter tot gaar en heeltemal droog. Geur met ‘n bietjie sout en swartpeper. Laat afkoel. Meng die biltong deur en hou eenkant. Voorverhit die oond tot 200 °C . Maak ‘n kleefvrye pan baie warm. Smeer die filet met ’n bietjie olyfolie en geur met sout en peper. Braai aan al die kante tot bruin en geseël. Omtrent 30 sekondes aan elke kant. Laat goed afkoel. Verf mosterd met ‘n kwassie oor die hele stuk vleis. Rol die deeg effens dunner uit op ’n meelbestrooide oppervlak. Plaas die parmaham in die middel oor die deeg. Versprei die sampioenmengsel oor parmaham en plaas die filet bo-op. Verf die kante van die deeg met water en vou toe. Verseël en sny die oortollige deeg af. Plaas die Wellington met die voukant na onder op ’n bakplaat. Verf liggies met die geklitste eiergeel en sprinkel met Maldon sout. Bak vir 20 minute teen 200 °C. Draai die temperatuur af na 180 °C en bak vir ‘n verdere 15 minute tot goudbruin. Laat dit rus vir 10-15 minute voordat jy dit sny.